Angels to formulate plan for Ohtani’s throwing program soon


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Another bust in the making from Japan to the MLB.

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Was he rooting for the Lakers or Hachimura of the wizards?

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Agree with oldman_13...JPB ballplayers are over-rated, over-hyped and overly fragile. Once they hit the American League big-time, they soon disintegrate.

"...pitcher Shohei Ohtani, center, watches along with Flea, left,"

But is Mr. 'ShowTime' interacting with Mr. Flea? No, of course not; he can't speak English. Does Shohei Ohtani even know who Flea is, or does he even care?

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Another bust in the making from Japan to the MLB

The man has Tommy John surgery yet he continues batting improving in most stats from the year before. He is far from a bust.

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The guy is not a bust. He definitely has the skills to be a perennial all-star and a decent pitcher. He could show Flea how to steal a base and then Flea could show him how to play a bass.

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Ohtani a bust? Seriously? We’ll see what happens to him as a pitcher but in his first two years as a batter he hit 40 home runs and batted .286. Hardly a bust. Why so negative?

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Saw him play against the Dodgers in the Freeway Series earlier this year. He was very impressive. The Angels beat the Dodgers, and Ohtani scored a run.

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He’s a good hitter but won’t ever be a Mike Trout. Has the ability to hit 300-400 home runs in MLB...if he stops pitching. As a pitcher the bat is out of his hands for half the games. Doesn’t bat the day he pitches as well as the day before and after. This next season will likely be his last in a duel role when, not if, he goes down with another injury.

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