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All November NBA games wiped out as talks break off


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Greed on both sides. Hope they all suffer during this gameless fall season and perhaps rethink why it is they play/offer the sport.

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Great! The NHL will have better ice to play on this year

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Greed on both sides.

Yeah. And let's all watch Obama, huge b-ball fan, rebuke these prima donnas (average NBA salary: 5 million dollars/year), like he did "the people on Wall Street". Think he'll be telling NBA players (about 70 percent of whom are black) that guys, uh, "I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money" ???

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I feel so sorry for the players, how can they survive on a meager salary of $5.15 million (current average) ? They need at least 7 M right ? They need to pay for their fancy cars, mansions etc LOL

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Must be a random Bball fan giving thumbs-down to everyone. Well I gave ya all thumbs-up! NBA is the biggest bandwagon sport and I could care less if it goes away. This is the first story in a long time and about NBA and I've noticed most sports networks haven't missed a beat since it's omission from the limelight.

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Basketball fans' can now enjoy NHL hockey next month- check it out.

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"Yeah. And let's all watch Obama, huge b-ball fan, rebuke these prima donnas"

Yes, because somehow this is all Obama's fault. I've seen pathetic, but you redefine it with our posts.

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With YOUR posts. Glad my keyboard is my friend.

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