Anti-gay controversy tarnishes Russia's sporting glory


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Perfect in manipulation ;) This was my deleted comment for everyone to see

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Russian newspapers hit back by accusing European and US media of seeking to undermine the sporting achievements by the Russian squad

The Russians have undermined themselves. They expect to be taken seriously when they have shown they aren't worth of that respect.

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Mmm... Russia!

What a modern and progressive society. "Family values" in 2013, when the world is slowly moving forward, Russia takes two steps back.

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Blondes? Birch Trees? Boiling blood? Did this nutcase get his inspiration from the 1936 Olympics? I doubt even a Murdoch newspaper would write that. A thuggish, bigoted government and an apologist/cowering press. All very ugly.

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These athletes are there to compete in a sport, not to try to change polices and laws.

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Where's Wikileaks when they're needed, but at least we still have this photo:

Remember apartheid laws in South Africa and civil rights movement in America:

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Russia's sporting glory

Er...that ship sailed a while ago.

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Boy the Russian crowd was lame, dead quiet until a Russian came on then they erupted,The long jumpers tried to get the crowd clapping in rhythm gave up despondently. Worst World champs I can remember.

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