Ohtani donates HR Derby winnings to Angels' support staff


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I like almost everything about this guy. Giving money to the help staff. Pure gold.

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Well done Ohtani san. A good example of generosity for all to follow.

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Giving is good! You like to see it!

His bosses need to be following his example for a change. Angels are valued at $1.975 billion.

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Class move, Ohtani-san

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Pure class. And the Angels are getting him for a song.

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This is great. Many of these people were laid off by the Angels last year during the COVID shutdown. (Some American baseball teams kept employees on the payroll to ensure they had medical care, but Mr. Moreno just fired the lot of them.) So they could use a small bonus or profit-sharing like this.

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Unlike the players on pro sports teams, staff members tend to underpaid and leave quite often. My parents have gone through many season ticket reps since they became season ticket owners. Gotta love Ohtani. He has never been about the money but followed his heart. This is why he left early and chose which MLB team to play on instead of waiting to get paid tens of millions per season.

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Seriously, who would down vote this? I'm not a fan of Shohei but at least I'll give him good credit for being a good guy here.

Just think, if Shohei did something bad to offend someone or committed a crime, there would be four times as many responses here.

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Ohtani is a good guy, absolutely. Refreshing to see an athlete not be a prima donna, and do things to help others with no ulterior motives.

The center of attention at an all star game in MLB, it was amazing how he performed under pressure of the spotlight, and he made things fun and interesting.

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The word impressive comes to mind.

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