Argentine soccer great Diego Maradona dies at 60


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Greatest handball player of all time. RIP.

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As expected, many Poms still crying about that goal - it happened 35 years ago, get over it !

What can’t be denied is that he was the greatest player of his generation. As well as World Cup glory, a greater feat, I believe, was winning two serie A titles with Napoli

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¡Vaya con Dios, Diegito!

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Never liked this guy but rest in peace. Pele is the GOAT!

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At a time like this, only respect is the right action.

he was indeed the greatest player of his generation although his career was too short. As a Belgian I remember him rolling up the entire Belgian defence on his own at the worldcup and at that time that was the best defence in the world.

No, he could not handle his godlike status but that was sad and not a subject for jokes. He suffered and he did not get the help he needed before the point of no return. He was an impossible man to work with but he could not help himself.

in general I find comments on this site about people passing away or getting hurt disrespectful. Misplaced jokes or remarks do not make you look “ cool” only low.

about the hand of God, in many instances, goals are incorrectly allowed or disallowed but referee mistakes are part of the game. Always will be.

I conclude to say thank you to Mr Maradona with regrets for the hard live he had, partly his own fault but mostly a victim of his own success

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Wonderful comments Robert Maes.

For anyone who watched the 1986 world Cup, it was the Maradona world Cup.

And he just wanted to be a footballer, not a Saint.

When we played as youngsters and someone hogged the ball

"who do you think you are? Maradona?" was the shout.

Because only he was that good

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He always provided entertainment. The most sublimely gifted footballer I’ve seen in my lifetime and absolutely chaotic as a manager. He was even entertaining when sitting in the crowd watching a match.

Flawed but always fun. On the pitch, peerless.

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God has taken his hand!

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“There is much more to say, but for now may God give his family strength,” Pelé said. "One day, I hope, we will play soccer together in the sky.

Yeah but in a different league. Pele was a striker who scored goals created by equally or more talented players, where-in Maradona was a play making midfielder, who single handedly created goals for himself and others, so many important goals were scored not by him but by his very skillful passes, he was simply the best.

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Diego. You were a legend, true legend on and off the field.

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man legend.

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“It was more than trying to win a game. We said the game had nothing to do with the war. But we knew that Argentines had died there, that they had killed them like birds. And this was our revenge. It was something bigger than us: We were defending our flag.”

The best way, I think, to address the Las Malvinas debacle. A tragedy that neither government emerged in glory from.

He frequently praised Castro and Argentine-born revolutionary “Che” Guevara, who fought with Castro in the Cuban revolution — even sporting a tattoo of Guevara on his right arm.

All flawed men, but all great men, too. Of course DM would look up to these giants. Who wouldn't have at least some grudging admiration for them?

He joined a left-wing protest train outside the Summit of the Americas in 2005, standing alongside Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to denounce the presence of then-President George W Bush.

Aye. Those days of protest against Dubya seem almost dreamlike, in comparison to what came later.

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RIP the Greatest

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Diego Maradona was blessed with awesome talent. Loved by his legion of admirers worldwide. Even opponents could not resist applauding his skill, artistry and ability. Argentina without Maradona were an average side, but Diego made them World champions. RIP Diego Maradona.

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Cheater, coke-user, pimp, doing pot shots at journalists... this guy almost put me off football.

De mortuis nihil nisi bene? No. Coke dug him his early grave and I do not miss him.

And all this adoration makes me feel sick. He may have been a good football player but never a good sportsman.

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