Armstrong: I'm still record Tour de France winner


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Sportsmen who think that they need to take drugs to enhance their performance are simply cheating. Cheating all those other athletes who are training hard without the use of drugs and trying to win on their own merits. Armstrong cheated himself, the system and cheated the companies that gave him millions of dollars in sponsorship., and he still thinks that he couldn't have won without drugs, he shouldn't have been competing then. He is suffering from a delusional mind.

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Armstrong's narcissism reminds me of another person that also thinks extremely high of himself. Amazing.

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A friend of mine involved in professional sports once mentioned during a conversation that in a survey of American athletes in a particular sport (I can't remember if it was baseball or football), a majority of respondents said that given the choice, they would use steroids to improve their athletic performance even if they knew doing so would shorten their life for five years. Indeed, winning is everything.

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@bass4, yeah I can see him riding bikes and chilling with the former president. They're both from Texas, ya know.

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armstrong`s therapist is not doing a good job... he is still the jerk he was...

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Impossible to win without doping? - It's a race hich means that whever crosses over the finishing line first is the winner. You don't need drugs to do that. He doesn't deserve any more publicity or press coverage and his opinions are irrelevant. Ignoring him would be just punishment

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Who ?

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