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Armstrong tells Oprah he doped


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Don't I feel sorry for riding my Trek bicycle, while wearing Oakleys, in my Nike's shoe's, drinking gatorade,

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Never liked him much when he was winning, even after reading his very moving autobiography. But what a chance he's got now to make amends with his charity work. Saving the life of a single cancer patient is worth more than all the Tour titles put together. Good luck,Sir!

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I did the same thing when I fooled my parents to go out with the boys... He returned by cutting through a neighbor’s yard and hopping a fence.

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Lying sack of ---t.

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you have to love the modern world: a TV talk show is more effective than the court of law

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Lie, lie, profit, lie, threaten, lie...cornered? Confess and retain vast profits earned through cheating.

What a hero!

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What an ego !

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He lied that he doped, but he's done many great things as well with his foundation. Athletes are always tempted with doping. Does not matter which sport. Unfortunately he fell for the temptation and after winning so many titles, he tried to cover it all up. Many in his position would have done the same.

Don't judge him. He's done many good things too, more great things than many people regardless of his doping activities and loosing all his titles.

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Armstrong doped, lied and doomed. He is done.

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“The most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen.”

-doesn't he get some sort of award for that.

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Now he can finally move forward with his career on World Series of Poker.

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-doesn't he get some sort of award for [sophisticated doping]

Best Dopist?.

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Lance Armstrong is prosecuted and stripped of all his cycling medals for taking performance enhancing drugs for personal gain and profit.

Commercial farmers regularly use cocktails of size-and growth-enhancing fertilizers and sprays to create larger, faster-growing food for personal gain and profit.

The drugs used by the former only affect the users themselves.

The "drugs" used by the latter have been proven to cause cancers and a range of other diseases and disabilities in others.

The former is 'bad' but the latter is tolerated.

Something is wrong here….

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That's pretty DOPE. WORD.

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An Absolute disgrace to the sport,and Sport in General..

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Armstrong you dope!

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No excuses, and no pity for this man; he is a liar and a cheat in sports, where American coaches are often quick to accuse others of doping when they do not, then act as apologists when it's their own. Shame on Armstrong. He should never, ever be allowed to participate in any official sporting event again. The only thing sadder than his pathethic lies and the damage they've done to the sport and the nation, not to mention his charities, is that he'll remain famous as a result and probably get a few more books out of the whole thing.

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Why would we believe him ?

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Does the end justify the means?

In the end, he helps people survive cancer, and people thank him for that. But the way he did it? Even when many other competitors he beat were fellow cheaters too?

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He did good things?

Yes, like mafia or yakuza do, i.e. with stolen money and arrogance against the "weak". I have zero compassion for this kind of guys.

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Lance Armstrong originally won seven titles between 1999 and 2005, however he was stripped of these titles in October 2012 by the UCI due to being found guilty of doping violations by the USADA.[134] UCI has decided that officially there will be no winner for those seven years.[135]


=you are looking past 2nd or 3rd place for someone who hasn't doped. =Someone in 13 place is probably the real winner

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He is worth over $100 million. He will probably be able to hold on to 5 million after he has paid back all od his ill gotten gains; not a bad nest egg.

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I'm disappointed in him. I believed him when he said he was clean and now it's revealed he's been lying to us all along. I won't be making the same mistake with him again. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

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I'm in the same boat, there goes my hero. I can see yellow wristbands being recycled the world over. Even with all that proxy is right, Armstrong is rich because of his cheating and will stay richer than most of us.

Sad that he got away with it all these years. I hope everybody who had a hand in the charade is banned from professional sports (and the Olympics) for a long time.

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Lance Armstrong's word is the yardstick and he will be evaluated by them. Now is the time to be contrite, regretful, and remorseful. His life will be now be an open book and he will have to be on his best behavior. It's sad but his dishonesty will create a lost of respect and faith of those around him. During this time of broken trust let's hope that he has the courage and wisdom to provide full disclosure of all the other people involved and take complete and full ownership of his bad behavior. However in reality he probably doesn't want to open up a can of worms.

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Yep, Lance Armstrong was the true "Mastermind" behind all of this. Only he had the mental brilliance to know which performance drugs to use and not get caught. In his mobile lab (a van) between races he was able to innovate scientifically for beyond what anyone could possibly fathom. All while leading every mile on his incredible bike that he himself designed and made. Yep, it was 100% Lance Armstrong and nobody else. Who else could possibly be that smart and immortal it seems. -No wonder why we were all fooled by this superior being.

Maybe Lance Armstrong should be hailed immortal King and we should all be bowing down to him. It seems he is favored with the wind to his back at all times. =A natural choice favored by nature and all that is divine.

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The fact that he lied for so long about using drugs is bad, but the really horrible part of the is that he apparently went to great lengths to keep up the charade. This included trying to ruin the life, both professionally and personally, of anyone who might have known the truth and tried to expose him. It apparantly even included threats of physical violence. This goes way beyond taking a few PEDs to stay ahead of a bunch of others taking a few PEDs just to win a bike race.

I don't hate Armstrong, but I feel a heck less sympathetic to his plight after reading this article. He has a seriously darker side that people shouldn't be so quick to ignore simply because he has has done lots of good things too.


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This old geezer has LONG LONG given up on pro sports, olympics, etc, all of it seemed hopelessly tainted by drug use, combine that with a lot of the super whiny stars, primadonna A-holes all over the place I no longer give a rats about pros!

Even though I was never a cycling fan armstrong seemed to be amazing having beat cancer & even completing let alone win the tour de france.....................alas now although the coffin on pro sports has been shut many years I now add another & FINAL nail to that coffin in amstrongs "honour"

I will NEVER EVER believe another pro "athlete" again, your all dopers, sho ga nai ne!!

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He did good things?

Yes, he's been saving lives by raising a lot of money and awareness for cancer research. In many circles, he's more known for the LiveStrong Foundation than he is as a cyclist. People and other people who know people who are fighting cancer, all thank him for that.

But there's also a dark side to him that goes beyond cheating. His cheating in the Tour did not kill lives, but his aggressive attacks to anybody who crossed him have destroyed livelihoods.

Both of those are polar opposites, but they are undeniable facts. Can't take one without the other. That's what makes this so complicated in the public eyes.

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The Onion did a job on him. Two headlines:

Lance Armstrong Admits To Using Performance-Enhancing Drugs To Show Remorse

Lance Armstrong Wants To Tell Nation Something But Nation Has To Promise Not To Get Mad

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Armstrong tells Oprah he doped

So she didn't know?

Put doping aside for one second, to come back from cancer treatments and win the TdF is just an amazing feat. I kind of wish there was a way he could have competed without lying because the moral boost it gave to all cancer victims was immense. The achievement still stands, but the legacy is in tatters because he lied. A real shame.

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And, of course, he's teaching those kids of his that nothing is wrong if it helps you win, that cheating is fine if it helps you win, just deny you ever did it and collect all the money. Some bleeping role model.

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It only shows how great the old-time athletes were, training on booze and broads. It also shows that these "experts" in reading body language are total frauds. Remember how they all shouted "He is lying about not doping" when he made is frequent denials? Neither do I, because none of them did.

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And, of course, he's teaching those kids of his that nothing is wrong if it helps you win, that cheating is fine if it helps you win, just deny you ever did it and collect all the money. Some bleeping role model.

Agree and good that this is being aired now. Nevertheless, for Livestrong and more importantly, cancer sufferers have been given a great deal of hope, which is often better than any medicine. Hopefully he'll be made to give back any money that hasn't gone into charity, and I rather suspect the reason he is on Oprah as an exclusive is to generate an alternate source of income to cover the money he'll likely lose.

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It only shows how great the old-time athletes were, training on booze and broads

Yep - can you imagine if some of those athletes were teleported somehow to this day and age but still in their physical prime how incredibly good they would (or could) be by using modern science to help them train.

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Even before this came to light, Armstrong seemed to be so smug and arrogant. Hero? He's a hero alright; hero to all the cheaters and liars out there. I sure hope all the people he wrongfully sued to keep their mouths shut get their justice.

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i feel he is still hiding the truth. he is still denying the fact that he failed a drug test in 2001 and paid off ICU to cover up. He was not very forth coming about his admission to the doctor about using drug when he was been treated for cancer. I think his every word was drafted by his lawyer. he does not have any guilt or remorse, he just pissed that he got caught.

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