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figure skating

Asada, Takahashi win Grand Prix Final


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Omedetto Maochan, your mom would be very proud of you!

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Winter Olympics in Sochi will be special and I am very happy that Mao Asada has found her true form again. Her ex-coach Russian Tatiana Tarasova would be very pleased.

I had given up hope in Mao, but I always thought she would be the next after getting over her growing pains. Always enjoyed the natural ability of Miki Ando and the determination of Shizuka also.

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Mao actually reached her steller capacity after she dumped the irascible Russian Tatiana Tarasova . . . . . . . .. . .Though Suzuki's performance I thought was much more creative and artistic than Mao's.

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Anyway- it is great (astonishing ! ! ! ) to see Japan's skaters showing such a strong performance.

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Great to see Mao back in form. If I remember correctly, a lot of people on JT had written her off, said she was done for. She tried to go back to the basics and get her jump form right, which caused her to struggle even more for a good 2 seasons. She also changed coaches and lost her mother. That's a lot to go through. Congrats Mao.

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And just to add, Mao skated both sp and fs with a back/hip injury. I admire her strength and drive to continue to correct her jumps, improving her overall technique even while dealing with her mom's sickness/death and everyone giving up on her.

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Looks like Mao's really coming into her own, and gaining a lot of confidence. If she keeps it up, she'll outshine most if not all in Sochi, and the media here can proudly start calling all other female skaters "mini-Mao" again. Good to see Takahashi come out on top as well. For a while I thought he was on his way down and might not recover. Glad I was wrong, and hope he keeps it up as well. And congrats to Hanyu for the silver and Chan for the bronze. A shame about Chan falling so much, but he's done well in the past and can recover.

One thing's for sure: it'll be a tight race for the top medals at Sochi, and all the more fun for it.

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Wow! Go japan!

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love her slight off focused eyes.................great skater

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Congrats to Mao and Takahashi for their wins. Wish them the best of luck in Sochi.

Mao is blossoming into a fine lady. She must be what, 21 already?

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I'm so glad to Mao Asada win the Grand Prix Final !! She had many sad things last year but she overcame her sorrow. Strong Mao came back and show us beautiful performance also pretty smile. Thank you Mao and Daisuke! I can't wait watch Mao and Yoona on skating rink together !

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