figure skating

Asada to sit out figure skating competitions in favor of ice shows

By Kyoko Hasegawa

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Whatever you want to do, do it while the opportunity exists. Ganbarre, Mao-san !

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What is really sad is that because she is no longer the kawaii little teenager, most people in Japan have lost interest in her and also because she has failed to win the gold consistently for all of Japan. Understand that when a media touted athlete fails to perform the Japanese public turns on them as a failure for the nation. Look at the several baseball players who went to the USA and did not "prove" themselves and were considered disgraces. Too many times these athletes simply fold under the immense pressure the J public and media put on them.

I wish Maochan all success and it is disgusting the way many in the J gov and media treated her when she was in Sochi and returned.

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@kyu If you read her 2ch thread a lot of people crying with Asada after her final LP in Sochi.

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“I have returned to university, so university will become the centre of my life, but I also hope to skate,” she said.

So I guess the rink is back to being out of bounds to other students yet again... I'm glad to hear she's going back. She's not a very bright girl and her university has bent over backwards for her.

Frankly, I wish she would get out of skating. Her crying over her 2nd place finish in Vancouver was enough for me.

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Well, given her track record there is nothing to be ashamed of in finishing without medals in Sochi. She did well, and if from now she wants to do it solely for the money, and not to prove the talent, so be it. All the power to her. She'll never be Kim Yu-Na, but she'll always come close.

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I truly hope to see Mao and Yuna Kim compete in the next olympics -- let's face it Sochi was a SHAM with questions about the integrity of the Russian judges.

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I think it's a good move for her. She doesn't need anymore trophies or medals, she's got tons. Cold hard cash, that's the ticket.

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She is smart.

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