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Asada vows to skate for her mother


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ofcourse yes, family and figure skating are two different issues and she needs to earn her own bread. she may go for figure skaing or work as a model girl now and after 30's as a commentator.

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Good luck Mao!

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...well, this tournament is already finished! It wasn't a sudden accident that took her mother away, but the finale to a longer sickness. It's a pity that her mother wasn't able to tell her to go on skating no matter what happens beforehand.

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Best of luck in that regard. Regardless of any outcome, I hope it brings you some peace.

Seawolf: It sounds like it became serious quite suddenly, hence Mao was away competing in Quebec. I'm sure at some point, if they both knew the end was going to come in the near future, Mao's mother sat her down and told her something along those lines.

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She looked sad crying on the tube last night. They must have been good friends.

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RIP for the mom, but this has been the top national news for 2 days now, could somebody please stop this media hysteria and give the poor girl some privacy? I know she's a media mascot in Japan, but isn't this too much?

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Nobody will ever criticize Mao for trying to get home to see her mother alive, even if it meant pulling out of the competition in Canada. And if they do Osaka T says "you're an arsehole".

I flew 36 hours from a village in Thailand to Auckland to see my grandfather when he was given 48 hours to live in 1993. It cost my $2500 NZD and in the end he almost lived another 5 years. I never griped about it or mentioned it to him after he recovered. I loved and enjoyed every day he was on Earth. When he finally died in 1997, I was in Paris and couldn't see him. But the family knew I had done my bit in 93.

I flew home with only 24 notice of my grandmother dying in 2010 and didn't make it. But I earned the respect of the family for being there, even after the fact. And, I've never regreted either trip!

Go Go Go Mao Chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Olympic champion in 2014!

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I love how I got thumbs down for wishing Mao luck and hoping she finds peace. Oh yes, how terrible of me! It just goes to prove that the thumbs down mean nothing, as several disgruntled posters go through threads and thumb down anything and everything, or else target your history. How very sad, in a pathetic way, that people would wish Mao ill as such.

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She is only 21 and lost her mother. I can’t even imagine how it affects my life if my mother goes away. I cried when I saw her words showing her statement about her skating. She will be stronger and beautiful when she overcomes the heartbreak. I hope to see her amazing skating with her smile on the TV soon. Go Mao-chan!!

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I am sorry for her. I hope she is ok. She is just 21 years old so it must be the hardest happened ever for her. But I think her mother is not going to be in vain!! She will be stronger and stronger. My grandfather past away and it was really shocked and I was crying all day though this made me realized lots of things. Do you know the word “Time waits for no man”. I think we shouldn’t waist time. She will practice more and more for sure. I expect her to succeed. Good luck Mao chan.You can do it!!

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