Asada wins Four Continents with 2 triple axels


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good result for mao chan, she needed to get confidence. now, the gold medal is waiting for her in vancouver!!!

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When Mao-chan's on her game, she can SKATE! Too bad she's got a bum mug though.

Unfortunately for her, Kim's a doll, hot enough to make even me watch skating! If she doesn't fall on her **s, Kim's a lock for the Gold in Vancouver - her blowing the smoke off her 'gun' after that Bond routine a month or so back, mmmm... ;)

Mao-chan, you can do it, but good luck, you'll need it!

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Caroline Zhang may have a podium shot in Vancouver. She skates very lightly like the old Mao, yet is taller. 4 years can really make a difference and it's unfortunate that Mao's parent's timing was off.

What will the drama be like if Mao doesn't get a medal and must wait another 4.

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Never knew about Akiko I thought there were only Ando and Asada and Yukari Nakano. Akiko must be new.

Totally missed the last years world championship. I'm gonna watch Vancouver though it will be super hard to win though. Yu na have won everything she competed in this year. Mao is definately the underdog here.

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Anyone know which lady skaters Japan can send to Vancouver? Asada, Ando and Nakano?

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Caroline Zhang would not have a podium shot in Vancouver. She's not one of the US female figure skaters going to Vancouver.

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