Asashoryu takes sole lead after Hakuho falls


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After all the bashing which Asashoryu recieved from the media , I think he well determind to prove them wrong and this is a polite slap on their faces . The media should leave sports personal alone after all they are human being . I wish Asahoryu all the best and all other wrestlers as well.

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Looked lile he hurt his elbow again.

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Okapake, you're right.. Asa is openly concerned about that left elbow, and that "uh oh" look on his face is unmistakable.. yikes. Wednesday will be interesting.

Harumafuji beats Hakuho! Dude.. Throw out that silver mawashi! Goeido beats Baruto.. huh? Did Baruto just stop trying 5 seconds after the tachiai??

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Jeez, I can't imagine not hurting your elbow trying to one-arm the massive Kotomitsuki. Hopefully Asashoryu will be fit enough to win the tournament and silence his critics. I don't think he could beat Hakuho with only one arm. GANBARE!

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I hope his elbow will not cause a problem otherwise it is another emperors cup for asashoryu!

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not yet, he has to beat Hakuho himself to win for certain

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