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Asian federation still backs Blatter


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Fifa under blatter is demonstrably corrupt, so why is the asian federation still supporting him? The only answer that comes to mind is that they are as corrupt as him. After all, Qatar is in the asian federation, and they were the ones giving bribes for the 2022 WC. Hope that Japan at least votes against blatter in the next presidential elections...

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In Qatar case, it would be like the chickens queuing to leap into a deep fryer for become the next tasty bag of popcorn nuggets....

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The Asian federation has made out like bandits during Blatter's reign with too many World Cup spots alloted. As Striker noted above, the Asian football confederation is likely the most corrupt in FIFA. No wonder they are panicking. Their partner in crime is about to take a fall

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Yes Japan and also South Korea should vote No for Blatter. Australia is also thinking of voting No after 2 decade of backing Blatter. I really think FIFA should be disbanded. The World cup disbanded. A new way of of doing things. Like each year the best 2 counties from Europe, the best 2 counties from Asia, the 2 from Africa and the best 2 Counties the America,s. That makes 8 teams play each once. 3 Days between matches. All rounds are determined by a toss of a coin to where to play. No draws, there has to be result by extra time then shoot out. the top 4 teams go on to a series play off. a Total of 40 days and play during late November and finishing on 20 December

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The Asian Football Confederation is heavily weighted towards middle eastern conference. The AFC has already suspended its general secretary Alex Soosay in a corruption investigation. Only a complete dismantling of AFC and Fifa structural power-base will bring about change it will take time and perseverance to reach the bottom of the barrel.

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Disgraceful. You back him and you are endorsing corruption of the worst kind.

He is absolutely complicit in all of this - it's been going on for years and years as he presided over it.

Asia should be ashamed.

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Hi Jandworld What to know an all American success story .....Check out the US National Women Soccer Team....

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What on earth has the US to do with soccer?

The CONCACAF HQ was based in NYC, and thus subject to local laws there. e.g. if bribery is going on there, money laundering, embezzlement, tax dodging, etc.

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Hi Jandworld, The FBI inquiry spans alleged bribery, corruption, money laundering into various US commercial, and TV rights spanning tournaments dating back 25 years. Raids have taken place at the Miami headquarters of Concacaf. One of the Fifa officials arrested is Jeffrey Webb, vice-president to Sepp Blatter and head of Concacaf.

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Aren't payoffs sweet?

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Reading elsewhere, it appears that there will be a couple of things that will keep this on the agenda for years to come whatever happens to Blatter. First is that the US has only prosecuted people with a connection to the US, so there are likely to be any number of similar cases embedded in FIFA that have yet to come out and second, there are still continuing investigations.

But then how much has been suspected over the years when it comes to FIFA? It really doesn't surprise me that this has come out. The timing is really the only question here.

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Timing, mistie710?

Putin says the timing is to sabotage the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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At least Australia's got the balls to vote against Sepp-tic

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I think its no small coincendence that the the corrupt FIFA execs along with their supporting football conferences are from less successful, less democratic countries, while those who are trying to affect change are successful, strong democratic countries backed by the rule of law

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Putin says the timing is to sabotage the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Anything is possible. Given some of the situations that Putin has put himself and Russia into over the last few years, you could say that he would say anything to cast the light of suspicion off himself. But then again who is to say that UEFA isn't just as tainted? We don't know the whole story yet and I doubt that the US knows everything.

The problem there is that all the antagonists are playing their cards very close and I suspect that the whole problem may not be resolved until after 2018, if ever.

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