Asian Football Confederation suspends chief bin Hammam


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So Hammam been binned.

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Looks like the huge sums of money and vested personal interests have corrupted most of the world's major sports events - World Cup, Olympics, Commonwealth Games to name a few....

These chiefs and commissioners are treated like royalty, which started with Juan Samaranch, Lord of the Rings; and their salaries seem to out of all proportion to the work that they do.

Such is the modern world....

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which started with Juan Samaranch, Lord of the Rings;

Huh wasn't that Lord Sauron?

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Mohamed bin Hammam's been binned, ExportExpert, as you say, but it's only been a 30-day ban.

I wouldn't like to be in his shoes. It sounds as if they will bin bin Hammam permanently.

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Seems Blatter is desperately fighting to hold his former rivals at bay.

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