Asian Games end; Japan, China turn eyes to Tokyo Olympics

By Stephen Wade

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It's just a game, there will be one next week, next month in 4 years. This idea a national identity is mirrored by an individual who( cudos) trains, devotes their lives to a game has nothing at all to do with any countries soul. Individual competion has absolutely nothing to do with being a "better" country. Something is wrong when sport becomes a barrier between countries.

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Japan is going to drive itself insane with all the prediction talk. Just do you best and leave the athletes alone

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Let the athletes do their achievements themselves. No need to pressure them with this nationalistic fervor. This is supposed to be about fun, isn't it?

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The athletes at the original Olympic Games competed as individuals, they were not representing countries. It is only the modern games that have this jingoistic outbreak of national pride, and now power politics. There's no turning back the clock.

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Japan should compete in Europe and Americas, too. There will find which world rank is Japan...

-3 ( +2 / -5 )

Depressing article. The obsession with the total number of medals won by each country promotes jingoism and impoverishes the quality of sports reporting - outstanding individual achievements and games get buried if there's no medal involved.

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I watched most of the diving. Japan made a good showing and was very close to the podium in a few events. 10m platform and 1m springboard girls were very close to China which usually wins by 40+ points over everyone in the world.

Sayaka Minami finished 4th in women's 3m springboard.

Matsuri Arai finished 5th in women's 10m platform.

Malaysian divers didn't do as well as normal for some reason. Pamg, Olympic bronze winner, seemed to have an injury and scratched from the 10m finals.

In men's 3m individual, Japan finished 4th and 5th.

The same men won bronze in the 3m synchronized event. Nice.

Japan diving has come a long way in the last 2 yrs, from relatively unknown to near the top in the world.

In 3x3 basketball, Japan won gold for both men's and women's, if I'm reading the results correctly. Congratulations.

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I agree, this is all very jingoistic. The Olympics are two years away, a lot could happen between then and now.

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lets face it if Russia is allowed back for the Tokyo Olympics, Japan will be hard pressed to achieve the judo gold itll need to get the 30 gold it needs overall

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