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Asian Games landmark for eSports fires Olympic dreams

By Faisal Kamal with Sunghee Hwang in Seoul

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Esports in major sporting events feels like a massive stretch for clout and relevance for these organizations. As someone who regularly watches street fighter tournaments I think that sentiment is shared among players.

Either way good luck to everyone in every game.

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Asian Games Hangzhou 2023 - Here we come. Wishing Mayank Prajapati and his fellow athletes in eSports a jolly good time at the Asian Games in Hangzhou.

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I have no problem with competitive gaming, but acting like those skills are anywhere in the same category as Olympic athletes is just sad.

They should have their own games, sure.

There are hacking contests around the world every day. Nobody is suggesting that they be added to the Olympics. It makes no sense, just like adding pushing buttons and toggling a controller aren't anything like any Olympic sport.

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