Asian Olympic leader backs Sapporo for 2026 Winter Games bid


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I think it would be awesome if the games were in Sapporo

But I don't think I can deal with 6 more years of Japanese news media building up the Olympics... I am already a little worn out on the 2020 Olympics and it's still over 3 years away...!

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They won't even be starting to form panels to discuss the massive debt and how "nobody could have known" the Tokyo Games would cost more than double the expected income before they start bid-rigging for this Games. Hokkaido would be an awesome venue at some point, but not immediately on the coattails of Tokyo's boondoggle. "Let it Go" comes to mind.

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Pork galore!...all aboard! Gosh I wish J public would take a look at say Budapest( where people basically said no thanks, dont want to see our taxes wasted big time) and finally said, no to the never ending pork barellin here. But TIJ so very unlikely to happen so high chance the crooked big wigs will get Sapporo bid up and running pretty soon.

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Sapporo is well suited for the Winter Olympics. We're just coming off another Asian Winter Games here, and the World Cup matches here were successful. It was the impetus behind the development of the subway system here. We're used to hordes of visitors during the Sapporo Snow Festival.

But we're still paying off the debt on the subway, and oooh the graft of the Tokyo Olympics. So I can't get too excited.

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One of the European cities will be the winner. The IOC is not going to have three straight Winter Games in East Asia.

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baiting Japan to submit a bid...yup because nobody wants to play the role of a sucker anymore.

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The bad part is, though again Sapporo would be a great spot at some point, Japan wants EVERYTHING international to take place here (while still snubbing international norms like gender equality at its venues) and so it lessens the bid. WC, Rugby, Baseball... you name it, they bid. It's just not economically feasible.

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Very unlikely I would say. Unless they come up with a very innovative program and coverage which are European and north American markets friendly (evening comps?).

Although Calgary or anywhere in North America is good for Europe too (many ski comps generally start early morning) i would selfishly prefer Innsbruck or Sion, much better for us in apac.

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Asian countries want Sapporo.

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