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Asian soccer stars reluctant to return home


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Park Ji-sung, don't you even think about leaving Old Trafford!

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Harry Kewell has been a load of rubbish ever since he left Leeds.

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Harry Kewell is a greedy filthbag and nobody in their right mind wants him in their A-League club. Any goodwill that he had when the topic of his returning home arose has now long since evaporated.

He's not interested in helping promote the league he's only interested in helping his bank account.

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Harry Kewell is indeed a greedy filthbag, but seeing as footballers only have a limited time (age 18-38 ish) to make their money, I can't say I blame him for getting as much money as he can, while he can. We'd all probably do the same.

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Agreed with BarryLikeBorat - given the chance of $1.5M to play for Melbourne Victory, or the rumoured $4M to play for one of the super-rich Middle-Eastern clubs, I know which option most would choose. Granted, Kewell is and always has been a very controversial player. Anyway, the A-League is very small in popularity compared to Aussie Rules and the Rugby codes, and I seriously doubt Kewell could help "grow it".

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I'm not upset that he's considering taking the petrodollars, not at all.

What has frustrated myself and thousands of others is that he and his sleazebag agent have said they want Kewell in the A-League to 'give back to the game' and 'help the A-League' while at the same time making ludicrous demands that are really outrageous and unrealistic, especially for a 30+ who is unlikely to be fit to play half the season.

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