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Asian Tour says PGA Tour-LIV Golf merger 'a great result'


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What’s a bone saw murder or funding terrorism among friends when there are billions of dollars in blood money at stake?

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Absolutely disgusting. I wonder why other sports in NA don't seem to have this problem of being financed from abroad.

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It is and they do. The Saudis are buying football and F-1.

I’ll keep playing golf no matter how badly I suck at it. But I’m not watching on TV anymore.

It’s not exactly a sacrifice to find a bunch of pompous announcers and athletes talk about “pressure”….

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I saw it noted somewhere today that the PGA will take care of holes 1 to 8 and holes 12 to 18 and LIV Golf will look after holes 9 to 11.

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Money talks.

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Money becomes untainted if there's enough of it and it goes into the right pockets.

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"Disgusting" says it all.

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The pga caved. Sad and weak leadership.

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Ignore murder and dismembering a Post journalist.

Ignore human rights violations. Up to 80 death sentences executed in a day!

Go Saudi Arabia. Go golf. Go money.

Go away.

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