Astros seek untainted World Series title against Phillies


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They cheated.

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Undefeated so far in the playoffs. They have very few players that were on the original team accused of cheating. Under extreme scrutiny for the last few years. And how do they cheat in the opponents stadiums? Bottom line is they are deep in talent and there are a bunch of sour grapes peeps out there that keep making excuses their teams lost. There manager is a great man with integrity. By the way there were other teams that were cheating too, but Houston was the whipping boy.

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H-Town vs everyone!

Go 'stros!!

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Phillies got this one!!! I would like to see Dusty Baker win because he would be a manager to win pennants in both the National and American League

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"Astros seek untainted World Series title against Phillies"

It's always a surprise to still see 'news' articles regarding American baseball as if it were still a 'thing' and not a dying cultural anomaly for the mindless less exciting even than Bingo. Nuclear War dances across the public consciousness and, still, somehow, ephemera like baseball finds space in the 'news'. It's very existence is a commentary on the long term viability of Humanity... And the one thing I suspect is hardest to explain by the adherent is why it should 'matter' to anyone which Corporate entity 'wins'... Mindless? Say it isn't so, Joe!

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