Asylum-seeking Myanmar soccer player to join Japanese club as trainee


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Japan will put him on indefinite detention in a Shinagawa cell as soon as his Special Visa expires. Until he gets a new one.

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6 month. The government certainly welcoming him with open arms (and crossed fingers).

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Wasn't 3 fingers used in a highly popular scifi film series a few years ago?

I'd always assumed it was the way to get an obscene gesture passed PG-13 movie censors.

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Very generous. I hope it works out for him.

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Wasn't 3 fingers used in a highly popular scifi film series a few years ago?

Yes, the Myanmar people took it from The Hunger Games movies (based on the books)

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Hopefully het gets a full asylum status in time.

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So a person who makes the three finger salute PURPOSELY gets a chance to become a refugee in Japan while thousands of real and desperate people who have their life in danger without any control over it don’t even get a chance to make an application for refugee status! People who purposefully put their life in danger don’t deserve the refugee status! The refugee status should be given to only those cannot control the dangerous deadly situation around them. If this person is given the refugee status then every Myanmar citizen can go on TV and make the three finger salute and get refugee status in Japan!

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