Athletes feel para sports not attractive enough ahead of 2020 Games


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Meanwhile, 44 percent said they wanted "better treatment," with powerlifter Nao Nagasawa saying she wants the Paralympics to be treated with the same respect as the Olympics.

Same respect?

You Nao san and the other Paralympic athletes deserve double the respect as you work double hard as any able bodied person to achieve your dreams . All of you guys are amazing and beyond inspirational. My hat off to every single paralympian and disabled athlete out there.

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I wish them all the best, and hope the paralympics go well. But we should occasionally spare a thought for disabled people who hate sport. I know someone like that and she says she increasingly feels guilty for not lifting weights or playing basketball when she'd much rather be making jewelry and having the occasional glass of wine.

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"improving the attractiveness of para sports" i

Damn, sports are sports, and like other posters have commented, these athletes deserve and have earned my respect!

They can do things with their disabilities that I can only dream about!

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Blind archery? Keep the crowd back. It is a real thing:

Never underestimate what someone else can accomplish.

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Why not integrate? Make every team have half male, half female, half adult, half child, half disabled, half "abled". This way all teams are competing on equal grounds and blind athletes will have the same team and respect as "abled" athletes.

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