Japan bids to host 2025 world athletics championships


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Please host only if Tokyo can profit off the event. We have the new stadium. But do we have 68,000 spectators who want to bake in the hot summer sun daily? And will projected revenues exceed the indicated Y10 billion in expenses?

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Haven’t paid for the olympics and now looking for new ways to waste tax payers money. Spoiler alert-no one wants this events, so stop volunteering to give away money..

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Japan bids to host 2025 world athletics championships

Japan bids that there will be no other pandemic will hit globally in 2025

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Clearly trying to recoup losses from Olympics but as others have suggested here nobody wants this boring outdated event.

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Here we go - all the whiners back again complaining about ‘their tax money’.

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The people at the Athletics Federation must be all muscles no brain types. After wasting billions of yen for the Olympics, they are hoping to host another international sports event. Doesn’t anyone ever learn?

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Pie in the sky,in the face of Japanese clueless leadership

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Good for Japan, good for future Athletes in Japan too, and I hope Japan gets it.

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Drumming up another use for the white elephant(s).

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Japan might the sympathy vote to host the event since corona spoiled the Tokyo Games, just as Sapporo might get the sympathy vote for the 2030 Winter Olympics. In any case, the world athletics event is a big deal; it is like the Olympics just for track and field. Japan will always be popular for major sporting events. Next May, Fukuoka hosts the World Swimming Championships, again the Olympics of swimming.

I know there there has been a lot of discussion on Japanese media about what the National Stadium can be used for. At first there was talk of it being turned into a field for soccer and rugby which would ensure plenty of use. However, if it is to be used for the 2025 world athletics, they will need to keep it as it is until then.

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the cronies have yet to tell us the cost of the Olympic and yet this happens! Say it ain’t so!

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At first there was talk of it being turned into a field for soccer and rugby which would ensure plenty of use.

If they move the football or rugby or pop concerts from the existing venues to the Olympic stadium, the existing facilities will become white elephants. There is only very limited demand for large stadia. Regular sports events can't fill them and performers who can, BTS, Ariana Grande, etc. are already busy. Such stadia need a high level of demand because they cost a fortune to maintain.

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They'd bid for the Summer Olympics in 2024 had it not been decided already. They don't care about what the public thinks. Mind you, the IAAF typically only attracts around 2000 athletes, as opposed to the 12000 that attend the Olympics. I would only hope that the public is allowed to attend the games without having to show a proof of jabbination card.

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One step at a time Japan, first you have to let tourists back in.

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Man,I was over here for he 1991 version and now he stadium was virtually empty every day.

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