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Augusta invites Ishikawa to play in Masters


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This is awesome.

I have met him and even gotten to be in a group playing behind him. He is truly a great golfer and a good kid. He deserves this success....

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Given the jet lag, strange food, foreign language issues etc., I will be impressed if he just manages to make the cut at any of these events. However, the incessant adoration from the J-media will be rather difficult to endure.

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Don't blame the kid for the media. He just wants to play golf.

I think he will make the cut. At his age, he is less likely to suffer from many of the symptoms of jet lag that his elders will experience.

Granted, the J-media are pretty much worthless.

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Word has got around on the tour that Ryo 'interesting' Ishikawa is a great cure for the pros who suffer from bad insomnia. Expect more invitations soon.

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Professional golf is one of the worst examples of favouritism in sport. If you carry big sponsors (because you are attractive and young), or if your family are rich, then you make the pro tour. Yuri Fudoh is a classic example. She is still one of the top lady players in Japan today and her prize money earnings are incredible (she once earned more than the mens top earner). Unfortunately she is no oil painting, so who do we get on the TV and in the papers all the time ? The likes of Ueda, Miyazato, Yokomine etc whose joint prize money pales in comparison to Fudoh. Check the statistics, even this years, and they are not in Fudoh's league. It's kind of a slap in the face when Davis Love and the Ryder Cup player Holmes haven't got in yet, but Ishikawa gets a free pass just because all those Japanese housewives follow him and drag the big sponsors with them.

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He has talent,but it's golf,give him at least 2 decades.The Japanese media coverage of this kid is hideous.A lot of the older famous golfers like Aoki and Jumbo Ozaki are always telling him to act like a 17 year old and stop sounding like an old man.Being Japanese is like having a very heavy anchor for him.

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Hey NL, I agree 100% about Fudoh... she seems not to mind the fanatical, 'we want kawaii' J-media ignoring her. But Ishikawa has one victory on the JPGA at the age of 15. Don't hate the player...hate the game.

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