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Aussie news site ditches comments after 'vile' female athlete abuse


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I hope they ditched and blocked the accounts of these foul trolls; otherwise what has the news site done but allow misogynists to prevent the promotion of women in sport?

It's like putting a curfew on women when a male attacker is on the loose. Put a curfew on men instead.

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I've never understood all the invective towards women's football. Personally I've never watched a game of women's football but I feel no need to go online and make rude remarks about the game. Don't like it - grow up and go and find something better to do.

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Some men are idiots over their allowed quota of stupidity.

Their comments should be shared with their mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and daughters. Let the stigma fall on those men.

Removal of unwanted comments on a private websites by a private organization to "keep it clean" is 100% fine.

Australian rules football is very fun to watch!

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