Aussie swimmer Horton says no regrets over Sun podium protest


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Kudos to him for sticking to his beliefs!

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No room for drug cheats in sport... good on him for standing up for those clean athletes

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Well done, sir!

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Sanctimonious hypocrite!

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Sanctimonious hypocrite!

Bit rough calling Horton a hypocrite. He's never rested positive to drugs and at the time he made his protest he didn't know about the reason for Shayna Jack's departure - the news had been kept under wraps. Jack's result has cut the ground out from under him a bit since it became known, though.

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As long as he doesn't shake Jack's hand neither (if she's proven to be a cheat), then he's not a hypocrite

Treat cheating opponents and teammates the same

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In an Australian TV interview, Horton said that drugs in sport is very prevalent. If this is the case, why doesn't Horton refuse to stand on the podium with any athlete, because, according to him, they are probably drug cheats.

Horton is no more than a xenophobic attention seeker. If he withdrew from competitive swimming, his troubles would be over; that would be a real protest.

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