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Australia edge Scotland 35-34; Argentina rout Ireland 43-20 in Rugby World Cup quarterfinals


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Feel sorry for you, Scotland. Joubert robbed you.

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That referee is often criticized for his interpretation of the rules. He had a shocking game and should definitely not be put in charge of any semifinals or the final. Scotland can feel badly done by, but on the other hand, Australia did score five tries to three. They will probably beat Argentina but I can't see them beating either New Zealand or South Africa.

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The referee had a great game with have only one mistake . That was not allowing a off field decision on the last line out. Then with some of his scrum penalty which keep the Scotts in the game were very questionable. But in the end the better side won. It was karma because Japan should of be the team playing Australia anyway. For Australia now have a easy game next week compare to the game between SA and NZ. THis game will damage the the side that win. This will be the hardest game of the Cup. I can not see the winner of this game having there best side on the field for the final. I have the Aussie has odds on favourites now

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Why does everybody seem to think Argentina are easy beats? They may not have won a cup, but they're a strong and dangerous team on their day, and they knocked out Ireland who are in the top tier of the Six Nations by a good total. It won't be an easy game for this Australian side.

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Craig Joubert, what a referee. Truly a big time performer for all the wrong reasons. As a Wallabies fan, my countrymen and I have long suffered at his hands, as such, it was good to finally get a crucial decision to go our way. That being said, however, sending the Scottish winger to the sin bin in the first half was a massive over-reaction. Although I felt a penalty was on offer, sending the chap to the naughty seat was a bit too much.

On the other hand, despite all the bleating from the Northern Hemisphere about the legality of the last penalty, I thought it was in order. Call it human weakness, but the Scottish player just couldn't help himself in picking up the ball. Moreover, whether the decision was good or bad, because the penalty did not involve what the rules define as "foul play," the Scots couldn't call on the TMO.

Whatever the case, given the abysmal performance of the Northern Hemisphere teams this time around, I reckon there will be calls for Joubert's blood. Hopefully he won't be appearing again in the near future.

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Yes, John-san, but the way I see it his one mistake was crucial. And with the Scottish pack all over the Australians they were always gonna get penalised. Karma? Scotland beat Japan fair and square. Did you miss it?

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5 tries to 3..and 2 of them gifted thru interceptions..better team won..Pocock and Folau back next time..this excellent tournament is starting to heat up..

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Well, Joubert has had some shockers against the Wallabies so it seems appropriate he'd help us out this time. I think most of the ire at his decision is coming from the fact that it was an accidental knock-on that led to the offside, but offside is still offside

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If "the ref cost you the game", you hadn't done enough to really deserve the win in the first place.

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Joubert robbed you

That's the luck of the game.

If "the ref cost you the game", you hadn't done enough to really deserve the win in the first place.

Agreed. Scotland did really well. That's just the way things go sometimes

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Argentina were brilliant. Scotland tried but were beaten by a better team. Fact is the Jocks would never win this World Cup, so to say one decision "robbed them" is not true.

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Make no mistake, Cheika will wield the lash in the leadup to the Argentina game. The Wallabies got a massive kick in the pants. It might just be enough to wake them up

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An Englishman walked into a pub......and laughed.

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Fact is the Jocks would never win this World Cup, so to say one decision "robbed them" is not true.

People are also forgetting Australia's earlier, game-winning, disallowed try. It could have been otherwise, and the margin of victory would have been greater

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And now it is official. Joubert should not have awarded the penalty. It should have been a scrum to Australia.

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And Australia may cave scored a converted try, and won by 7 points. And Italy shouldn't have gotten a penalty against Australia at the 2006 soccer world cup. That's life. And Joubert could have awarded Australia's earlier penalty, instead of disallowing it. Scotland played out of their skins, but the facts are Australia scored 5 tries to their 3. I'm getting tired of all this whining. Accept it and move on

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I agree that it should be left... the game has finished and Scotland lost, although through something that shouldn't have happened. It's happened many times in the past to many different teams.

@Christopher Glen. Let them have it for a while. Don't take it offensively but I guess you would be a bit pissed if it were Australia on the receiving end, as I would be if it were NZ on the receiving end. Let them have their whine.

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Australia has been on the receiving end. I was in agony for days after the Italian penalty in the 2006 World Cup, Japan's last gasp Asian cup win in 2011, Jonny Wilkinson in 2003. Australia could very well go back and insist that the earlier disallowed try be permitted. The only thing you can do is win your next game without relying on a ref's decision

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The only thing you can do is win your next game without relying on a ref's decision

Exactly. If you are at least 8 points in front with a minute to go, the ref can't change the outcome. Of course people are upset with what happened but that's life.

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