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Australia edges South Korea 8-7 at World Baseball Classic


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Nail-biting finish interrupted by yet another replay of earlier crowd footage. Did the camera crew go home after the 4th inning or something? Saw same footage of the guy in the yellow suit, the young girl holding a flag, the young boy eating a flag, the colourfully-crowned lost boys, and the patriotic-pompom-headbanded girls at least ten times!

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If Japan does not win the WBC the entire country will fill like they got his with Covid all over again, just as they got all hyped up about soccer!

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Japan, whose team includes Shohei Ohtani and other Major League Baseball stars, is hotly tipped to top the group. All games in the pool are being held in Tokyo.

How comical! Great way of showing respect: and other Major League Baseball stars... The public won't know their names and won't care unless they do something extra special. For now, it's Ohtani and some other guys who shall remain nameless.

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Go Aussies!!!

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Massive win for Australia.

Aside from some power hitting, great baseball nouse to snaffle a couple of clever outs.

SK just couldn't believe it. Great extended highlights.

Now I gotta get back to the #1 bat and ball game - the live match between Aust & India.

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It was quite the game! Lesson from Korea, never celebrate until it is time to celebrate. Cost Korea the tying run!

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