Australian bidders promote World Cup bid in Asia


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Meh..the A-League has hit a plateau with low crowds,poor performances and a general loss of lustre.I can't see Japan and Korea getting a WC again soon but I think Australia will have to pay off a heckuva lot of corrupt FIFA officials to even be in with a chance.Australia would do a good job as host and I am sure many Aussies would turn up and watch the games, but I just can't see it happening.

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Osakadaz do you actually watch/follow the A-League?

This season has been one of the most exciting on-the-pitch since the League's inception.

Sure, the A-League isn't perfect and the crowds could be better (I do my part trying to bring as many friends to every Sydney FC home game as possible), but it isn't all doom and gloom.

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True... A-League's poor. That's because all of Australia's top players go to Europe. If you're a Tim Cahill or a Harry Kewell then you're not going to improve your skills playing in the A-League. You need European experience (preferably in the Champion's League if possible.)

Japan got the rugby world cup. In my view, that's a little like Australia getting the Football World Cup... except we've actually made it through the group stage of the Football World Cup, and narrowly lost to the world cup champions in the dying minutes of a game (whereas Japan's never won a game of rugby.)

It'd be a great boost to a developing Football nation. The Aussies have the money, and in preparation would have to upgrade their facilities + splash money into player development. If we got the world cup then we'd have a good 10+ years to improve the status of Football in Australia. I say we're in with a good chance...

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The A-league can be as lacklustre as this headline. Or have I misread it? Is there any reason, pun or quip, why it should not be "Australians promote World Cup bid in Asia"?

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Another reason why neither Japan nor Korea will have a chance in hell if they choose the same year to bid (and with Japan choosing EVERY chance to bid for EVERY sporting event, they'll likely overlap with OZ).

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Yeah, go for it! Australia bid FIFA WC is wonderful. More countries out of Europe should be the host. Football is too much centralized in Europe. Football is a world sport that attracts people from all over the world, the most!

I'm Brazilian, anyway.

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