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Australian BMX champ dies after failed dive from balcony into pool


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what a moron!

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LH10: your pathetic contribution surely must be self directed.

JT you never mentioned his accident 4 days ago when the Aussie press reported it, why just report his death? His fans have been grieving since the weekend.

Dane was a great guy first and foremost and a tremendous talent, he will be missed.

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@ spudman lol! umm nope ur wrong i'm just honest and don't really care. people die everyday. and, come on! he should've known better.@_@ he wanted to do it so he did it. W/E --

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LH10 - show some respect for the dead. Sure he did a stupid thing that cost him his life - we all have done stupid things at that age (well maybe not you actually) - but there is no need to insult a dead person by calling them names. Rest in Peace Dane.

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Headline's a bit misleading, since he never actually made it into the pool.

Anyway, I'm not sure why you guys are ripping on LH10 so much when on other threads people are pretty quick to throw out 'Darwin Award' or what have you when people commit such silly acts and die as a result. He's right that it was a moronic thing to do. And it's a shame because by the sounds of it he was very talented in his own sport.

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arigatou smithinjapansan ^^

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Maybe people are ripping into lh10 because to use his words he's a moron. He made a pathetic uncaring rude comment and IMO is out of line

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What a stupid thing to do. He must have had a few beers beforehand.

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He was apparently celebrating some rather stupendous stunts he'd managed to pull off. A few celebratory beers + adrenaline junkie + no more sense than a tea strainer = an accident waiting to happen. Now his Mum and Dad are having to cope with losing a son in his early twenties. Sheer stupid irresponsibility.

we all have done stupid things at that age

Stupid enough to get us killed? The ones of us who did aren't posting on JT. Aren't doing anything, in fact.

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Alcohol can slew your natural judgment, reflexes and reactions. And when you are dared to do something and you want to show off... RIP

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When I was a kid did not know about these so called extreme sports but we all wanted to be just like Evil Kanevil?? The guy who tried to jump across the Grand Canyon, etc.. in the USA. Now that I think about it, just crazy, no way would I even think about doing this in my right mind. Not too sure why this young Australian did this, maybe it was a big thrill, a big adrelanin rush?? I know many of the snowboarders also do a lot of crazy and dangerous stunts and some also do pay with their lives. Boys will be boys?? RIP Aussie dude.

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This is only a guess but maybe he was on drug? I'm not sure how anyone try to jump into a pool like this guy did.

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Bottom line is.... young people like this who love daring exciting sports.... extreme this and extreme that.... this is what happens... there is the old Gospel saying..." He who lives by the sword dies by the sword "

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RIP mate. I lived on the Gold Coast for 3 years in the late 80s early 90s. People get pissed and do silly things all the time, and the GC is a great venue for it. Everyone is on holiday and partying, egging eachother on to go one step further. It can get pretty hairy there sometimes.

I'm sure the law is tougher now, but when I was there we had house parties, parties on the beach (not the main beach because of cops) and drank a skinfull almost every night.

Shame to lose a young talent. RIP and thoughts out to the family!

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Spidapig: "Maybe people are ripping into lh10 because to use his words he's a moron. He made a pathetic uncaring rude comment and IMO is out of line"

We've seen far worse for far less and not objected as harshly. If the kid had who died were not a gifted BMX competitor, would people still be bashing LH10? I doubt it, and I doubt it would even be news given that it's not domestic. He could have used more tact, perhaps, but again we see the same kind of comments time and again when people here or there do stupid stuff and die as a result, and people don't seem to put up quite the same fuss about the tone of the comment.

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Hide Suzuki: "This is only a guess but maybe he was on drug?"

It's possible, but the article states he was at a party, so it was more likely alcohol induced. As for WHY he did it, the guy was into a rather extreme sport and performed some pretty crazy stunts by the sounds of it -- and we've all watched the TV shows and movies of people from double-agents caught at home to (Doctor) House jumping off the balcony into the pool, and being the hero for it. My guess is that on top of the alcoholic stupor he was in, he reckoned to further celebrate his success at pulling off stunts he'd pull one more. Sadly, in this case it backfired. It's tragic, to say the least, but at least, in a way, he died doing what he liked -- jumping where few others would have the cajones to even think about it.

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