Australian cricket great Shane Warne dies at 52


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What BigYen said.

My absolute all-time favourite cricketer. As intelligent a tactician as you could wish for, an ability to seemingly control the ball even after it had left his hand and a great sense of humour.

RIP from an Englishman.

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Best player I have ever seen. No contest. Could win a game single-handedly through his magic.

Flawed individual off the pitch, no doubt, but complete genius on it. 52 is way too young.

Thanks for all the great memories, Warnie. There'll never be another one.

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I've got Ian Healy stuck in my head now."Bowling Shane". Great bowler yeah yeah.

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Awesome player.

I can hardly believe he has gone.

I was just reading his message of condolence to Rod Marsh’s family and then when I wake up he too has left us.

‘The ball of the century’ he bowled to Mike Gatting will be with me for ever.

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This bloke was a true Great all round. This bloke is like God to me. I carry around on me a 50c Australian stamp showing the King celebrating the wicket that won The Ashes 2006-7. RIP mate.

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He didt field in the slips next to the captain just for his catching ability. He had a great cricket brain, and was a good tactician. He was a hero to many. RIP

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What a cricketer. Really can’t believe this. Even as an Englishman, it his was skill AND entertainment watching him that made him so special. Its only a few weeks ago watching The Ashes that his commentary was once again not only educating AND entertaining me, he always seemed to come on especially for the later evening sessions after a few glasses of white!

RIP Champ.

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I'm British but I've never watched cricket.

However, my heart goes out to his family, especially his 3 children at this difficult time.

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Still remember watching the 'Tendulkar vs Warne' duel in the 1998 test series and 'Operation Desert Storm' in Sharjah a few months later as a kid.

As Tendulkar said, Indians had a special place for you.

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Can't believe he's gone, Test Match commentary won't be the same without him. The best bowler of all time and part of probably the best cricket team ever. A fierce competitor and a true winner. Such a sad loss.

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I have no time for cricket but even I had heard of him and that ‘ball of the century’.

I think I can name about 10 cricketers. He’s one of the first that comes to mind. Must have been very good. My Aussie mate is in shock.

52 too young. RIP.

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RIP Warney. What a ridiculous age to be taken away. First and above all just one of the finest cricketers ever. Wherever you are are from, you cannot help to admire him. I'm English, and we really suffered over the years facing his bowling!

Later, as said above he was just 'part' of Cricket commentary on Television and in the UK ( and I assume Aussie) press and his candid views will be sorely missed.

As BigYen said right at the start, he wasn't a perfect human being but that's probably what endeared people to him even more.

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Brilliant player, one of the very best ever and an excellent commentator too. Wisden selected him as one of the top five players of the 20th century, an astonishing accolade. Very sad news, he will be sorely missed. RIP.

Rod Marsh was another great, epitomising the grit and tenacity of those exceptional Aussie teams of the 70s. Sad days for cricket.

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Lived like a rockstar, so fitting he died like one. Hard to see him wasting away his final days in a nursing home

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I actually attended the "ball of the century" test at Old Trafford back in 93 as a youngster, although on a different day, but saw him bowling against the England 2nd innings, with the formidable Merv Hughes providing the pace. Great times, even if I got badly sunburnt.

Sad to see such a great die so young. He still had a lot to contribute.

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Spin bowling all time great Shane Warne mesmerized rival batters, fans, and opponents with his wizardry. The Aussie master bowler forced batters to concentrate and earn their runs. Farewell to Warne. RIP.

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A larrikin Aussie with irreverent behavior, a mischievous twinkle in his eye and a hunger to play extraordinary cricket for the country he loved. He made some questionable calls off field that effected his chances of being captain of the Australian test team, but he lived his life to the fullest.

Shane leaves behind three loving children from his first wife and sweetheart Simone. A three year tryst with a famous British actress liz hurley.

He travelled the world and met some of the most interesting and influential people in sport, entertainment and politics.

His shock passing at such a young age of 52 is a timely reminder to all that the end comes for us all and you can never know if you will live to be 100 or just make it to 21. Live life well. Be friendly to those you interact with and enjoy each day. You never know if your time will come while watching cricket on TV while vacating in a foreign land, or in your bed while sleeping next to your lover.

Shane was a man of peace. His time is now over and we that remain will miss his presence, and yet remember it with fondness and a smile remembering how cheeky he could be. Taken before his time.

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