Australian tennis star Kyrgios in 'racist' spat with swim legend Fraser


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if she doesn't think what she said was racists then she needs to go back to the 1950s where she belongs.

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Most of us from every culture are racist to some extent inside, but when someone declares they are not a racist person like that, it generally proves that they are, or that they have not dealt properly with the racist thing which often lives inside us.

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Perhaps she was suggesting that it is very 'unAustralian' to tank and to not have a go. I also think his behaviour was stupid. Wimbledon is the pinnacle of the tennis calander and he purposely throws a game. I hope the tennis association somehow ban him from next years Wimbledon tournament. There are too many spoilt brats playing professional sports.

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she should also go back to where she came from....... i think its time for an all Aboriginal Davis Cup team.

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It's sad but many older Australians have that attitude... even some younger Australians. The irony for me is that some of the most patriotic Australians are Greek. Btw Dawn, the West Tigers are not Balmain!!

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Dawn shouldn't have said those exact words, it has turned the attention to her instead of the two spoilt brats. I have to admit that Kyrgios and Tomic make me cringe every time I see their petulant outbursts toward umpires, the media, tennis Australia etc. Their behaviour is unAustralian and unsportsmanlike. Glad Tomic has been blocked from playing Davis Cup, too.

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I took it to mean that he doesn't have the right to represent Australia after not trying his best. After giving up and acting like a brat (and this isn't the first time) that he could pack his bags and go live in Greece if he couldn't do his best for Australia.

And before you flame I'm not an Australian


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You're not Australian, but he is. He was born there.

What possible reason is there for his going to Greece?

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