Bach and Mori give pep talk to heads of Olympic delegations


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Bach is the guy that after a speech, all the athletes of the world pulled out of the Olympics. Same tone deaf meetings here. Tokyo should stop it and get the insurance, move on. That is what insurance is for.

Next Olympics is China, ha, right, so no go there either. Between concentration camps and those in jail like from Canada because of Huawei there's no way

Olympics is basically over for several years, if it comes back at all

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There will be no Olympics but the IOC must be seen as making “ all possible efforts” or insurance will not pay.

The LOC 2020 or Tokyo city, Tokyo Prefecture, JOC however have no cancellation insurance. So they have a genuine interest in trying to make it happen however misguided it might be in view of bigger issues, being the virus, no more economic benefits as no foreign ticket holders to visit, much reduced high end hospitality.

the only right thing to do at this point is for Tokyo and Japan to cut its losses and stop throwing good money after bad.

But I am only a global sports marketing expert, nobody listens to us. Much like the virus experts and the politicians.

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Somehow, I don’t equate the phrase “pep talk” with either Mori or Bach.

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Tokyo organizers have said exact details about how more than 15,000 Olympic and Paralympic athletes can compete safely in Tokyo — and the presence of thousands more officials, staff members and media — will be not revealed until.......

....we can figure out..... umm..... err.... oh! how we can keep the gravy-train running.

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