IOC President Thomas Bach Photo: AP file

IOC's Bach praises Japan's coordination behind Sapporo bid


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Oh. Dear. God. NOOOOO!!!!!!

Heres a better idea: let’s NOT pay an unelected quasi-national “organization” billions of USD for the “privilege” of hosting an expensive 2 week branding exercise for major sponsors that also allows the most anti-democratic despots to sport wash (AND test out their latest doping techniques! Let’s not forget that.) away their horrible human rights abuses.

That’s definitely an option. When the IOC no longer has its choice of willing dupes to bid for this freak show, then perhaps it will begin to reform the Olympic “movement” (But I doubt it....)

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Bach said the high level of coordination between stakeholders in Japan was integral to successfully hosting the games.

Because there is no need to let the little peasants who have to pay for it have a say.

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of Course he does as he can take those back alley payments in lowly ¥, and cash out later if the Japan’s economy ever recovers. Not a bad bet, as j-gov/BOJ artificially will ensure that he doesn’t lose money.

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Didn’t this individual steal enough money yet? How much more does he need?

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Guess that means he has received the brown envelope.

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

Bach needs a sucker to host Winter Olympics. Winter Olympics is a tougher sell compared to Summer Olympics, and if Japan volunteers to be a sucker again, all the better for Bach and IOC.

Japanese taxpayers, especially the residents of Sapporo, should rise up and oppose this Winter Olympics hosting bid, however.

-3 ( +0 / -3 )

Japan..... slow learner? There are so many better ways to waste tax payers money than this. Even a few really good ways!

Don't do it Sapporo.

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