Bach proposes holding 2020 Olympic events in disaster area


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I don't think this will be the only headline we will see, with the words '2020 Olympics' and 'disaster' in.

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Bach proposes holding 2020 Olympic events in disaster area

Yeah, go for it. Watch them ticket sales soar.

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Seriously, suggesting the future prosperity and well being to a region devastated by a natural catastrophe is beholden to the banal posturing, pontificating ,politicking of a pampered closeted appointed elite, offering the opportunity of hosting a sporting event, implying some sort of recompense is frankly well a tad offensive .

When confronted with prospect of a overwhelming mandate from upwards of 37 million,the suggestion that Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike has to grovel and kowtow to a arrogant conceit of the appointed Olympic Organizing Committee President Yoshiro Mori is evidence enough of the arrogance of a ruling government totally out of touch with public opinion.

To callously think throwing some financial crumbs off the table, disguised as silly boy's rounders is laughable. Bonker Back had one to many sake's when the point is reached to step off the merry go round.

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Get mori OUT of this process, he should be taking responsibility for the massive cost over runs & various debacles so far!

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Bach and Abe might display good intentions for the economic welfare of the Fukushima residenrs and adjacent municipalities, however Mori is racking in any, if not, most gain profits. The only true and genuine player here is Mrs. Koike. I pray all disaster zone areas are granted monetary contributions from the 2020 Olympics.

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Hah! Fukushima is going to go down really well with people outside Japan! The locals might be fooled by the sweet words coming out of the government, but I think most other people can think for themselves.

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I believe this photo sums it up well:

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an event in the disaster-affected areas could send a powerful message of reconstruction.

Reconstruction? I'd think more of, its 9 years later and still you live in prefab houses but dont worry we spent your money on the Olympics so that you can enjoy.

And btw what is Mori doing? All I see and hear is Koike work her behind off, while Mori enjoys the spotlight

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As the Japanese government and Japanese contractors continue to prove their inability to plan, construct and manage the Olympic Games in 2020, without a doubt the IOC will finally come to the conclusion that it will be in everyone's best interest to move the games to Beijing, China.

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Move the rowing events to South Korea?!

Jesus I'm sure they can find a much closer place to hold them during the "compact games".

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