Balotelli muscles Italy into Euro 2012 final


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Bit of a surprise result I reckon. Sorry to see the Gemans go out and more so as I had a good wager on them winning. For the first 20 mins I thought my money was safe. The second goal from Baloteli was an absolute cracker.

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I absolutely hate Balotelli but gotta say that he certainly lived up to the hype in this match. So sorry to see my Die Mannschaft go...

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Balotelli is as mad as March hare but one hell of a player. He'll never be a model pro, but if he can learn to hold his eccentricities in check a bit more he'll be one if the world's best players. As SimondB said, the second was top class.

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Italy exposed the der Manschaft defense. All tourney they let in some poor goals from floating strikers at the midfield. Hats fo to the Azzurri, they came to play and had a strategy. The curse remains (what 8 games now vs. Germany?!!). Congrats Italia.

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Italy vs Spain should be a great match. Hopefully not decided by PKs.

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Heart-breaking game for the Germans. They manage to knock themselves out of competitions more often than not. Is it a case of saving too much for later??

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The defence was shocking. The last call on Germany even more so. Sad to see them out but wow, Italy's keeper os awesome.

Spain vs Italy could get very ugly. Should be a good game.

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Any foul play in the fact that Jerome and Baloteli are from the same heritage?

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Spain beating Portugal and Italy downing Germany. Two very good games. Sure the high-caliber action will continue in the championship game with the Spaniards battling the Italians. Look forward to seeing it ...

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You absolutely hate him? Why? Is he sleeping with your wife? Did he run over your dog? What gives you reason to "absolutely hate" the kid?

Seems like a really likeable, honest person to me. Its easy to see why he stands out among todays footballers.

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I read that he was given away for adoption by his biological Ghanian parents. When he became well-known, his parents tried to 'claim' him back, but he told them where to stick it. Not sure if this is true.

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