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Barcelona players meet Fukushima children ahead of semifinal


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Very tender moment! Messi with the children.

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I'm very happy to hear such treatment of the orphans of Tohoku earthquake and tsunami children. They deserve every support from all people. The damage I received for losing both parents within 9 days in 1951 still stay with me and I can imagine that with overwhelm supports, this can be lessen for the children.

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That was real good of the Barca players - if it brought a few smiles to the kids for a while, they have done a wonderful thing.

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WOW!! That's so special for Tohoku kids:) That was awesome of the Barcelona players!!! It's getting colder and colder in Japan so it will be hard season for peolpe who are living in Hukushima and another area in Tohoku. We sholud not forget about the March 11th earthquake and tsunami and them!! They still need our lots of help!!! I am living in Okinawa where is south island of Japan so it's hard to go there though i know we can do something for them for sure. let's start some even small things.I hope they are warm enough for this season.

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It's exciting to see the FUTBOL CLUB BARCELONA in a great nation like Japan.

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http://danieldiaztecles.blogspot.com/ Football Club Barcelona will win! Messi has proved a great person as well as the best footballer in the world.

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God bless Barcelona and Fukushima.

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