Baseball's 'Iron Man' Kinugasa dead at 71


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I read that Mr. Kinugasa was still working last week, on the 19th, as baseball commentator at Yokohama stadium. A true “iron man” indeed.

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RIP, he was an iron-man player, but the title should read JAPANESE Baseballs's iron-man. MLB plays more games in a season and has a much harder playing schedule over the course of one year than any here in Japan.

Like it or not, that's a fact. Japanese players move within one time zone, get more days off, in between games, and during a season than MLB players.

Yeah the dude is due his honors here, but he is not "baseballs" iron man.

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I'm glad I was able to see him while he was still an active player. In their heyday, the Carp brought a lot of excitement to Japanese baseball.

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RIP dude. Seems like an 'iron man' in enough regards to deserve the nickname. Maybe the radio stations could play 'Iron Man' as a tribute - either the Black Sabbath original or the stellar rap rewrite from 1996.  And Yubaru, what difference does it make whether Sachio Kinugasa played in Japan or the USA, the 2 countries have their own leagues and franchises and he deserves to be recognized for his achievements. He's a Hall of Famer, a star athlete and that says a lot. He and Koji Yamamoto brought their team the Carp four CL pennants and three Japan Series titles. Then he was a commentator later on. That spells 'CHAMP' in my book. RIP Iron Man.

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And Yubaru, what difference does it make whether Sachio Kinugasa played in Japan or the USA

all the difference in the world. Japan pro baseball is roughly Triple A ball in the states.

If MLB rejects like Randy Bass, Duffy Rhodes and Valentin (sp?) can shatter records here overnight, it tells you everything you need to know.

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