Baseball commissioner Kato wants Japanese teams to play in U.S.


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A major league team in Tokyo wouldn't work. The time zone difference would kill the players on both sides.

And Asian league would be intriguing but perhaps difficult to implement. China needs a LOT of improvement to even think about being a competitor

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“I would like to see two Japanese teams open their regular season schedules in the United States,”

Sadly, the majority of Americans would probably NOT, and hence your dream has a very long way to be realized. This isn't so much a dream as it is simple arrogance; the man wants to be recognized (either himself or Japan via Japanese teams overseas), and that's all. If others shot down the idea by pointing out all the impracticalities (first and foremost being that hardly anyone would pay to see it, and with the time difference it would be hard to view in Japan), which is likely to happen, he'll simply insist it's a good idea and waste money on studies, etc. Two Japanese teams opening in the US to a mostly US crowd? I don't think so. On the other hand, it WOULD be cool to see an MLB team based in Tokyo. The problem again comes with time difference and complications based on such. It's one thing to fly players from Houston to even Toronto, but from New York to Tokyo for two games, then the third back home?

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Perhaps only a handful of cities in the States would be successful in hosting a Japanese league regular season game. They would be LA and NYC. Also Seattle would be a good place if Ichiro plays a part in the festivities.

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Can you imagine the excitement if Kansas City hosted a 3 game Bay Stars-Carp series? How many fans would buy a ticket? I agree that it would be interesting if Tokyo had a MLB team. I think that the Giants can compete right now. If they were in the American League West, I think they finish second or third. Just my 2 yens worth.

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Chicago Cubs host the Hanshin Tigers -- フレ、フレフレフレ!

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Hawaii. Hawaii should be the place. Let Korean pro teams play also.

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"I would like to see two Japanese teams open their regular season schedules in the United States,” Kato said at a recent meeting of the Foreign Sportswriters Association of Japan."

Sorry- it'll never happen, no interest ! Might I suggest some round robin spring training games in Arizona's Cactus league. I do believe some J teams have trained in Arizona before and I do recall they played some American Uni teams- much like the MLB teams do. An afternoon lark in the sun in front of the blue hairs is nothing to moan about- Japanese players should consider it an honor.

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