Bayern Munich routs Arsenal 5-1 in first leg of Champions League clash


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That was shambolic from Arsenal. Pathetic doesn't even begin to describe the level of that performance. Bayern might as well prepare for the QFs.

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It's time for a change of manager at the end of the season at Arsenal. They should have won the title last season but folded again and while it's no disgrace to lose to Bayern Munich, it isn't that much of a shock to see them get walloped like this.

Wenger hasn't bought the kind of leaders and characters you need to win titles and have a crack at Europe's best for quite a few years now.

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A bad (and sad) case of deja vu for Arsenal. Been going on for years at international AND domestic level tbh. Reckon the owners were/are too scared to go through a 'Sir Alex/Wenger syndrome' similar to what Man u went through when SA left.

Thing is guys like Conte, Pochettino, Jardim, Klopp etc would have been accessible for a club like arsenal that's why it just doesn't make sense to stick with Wenger. No disrespect to AW but there's better on the market these days.

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"Reckon the owners were/are too scared to go through a 'Sir Alex/Wenger syndrome' similar to what Man u went through when SA left."

I agree, particularly when you think that Wenger has kept the CL income coming in year on year while Man U have lost it twice in the past 3 seasons.

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Have been an Arsenal fan since 1971. When Charlie George and Ray Kennedy won the double. Instead of studying at school around 1979 I used to travel to away games. My first Arsenal game was when Alan Ball signed in December 1971. My old man used to take me to Highbury and would sneak me out of the schoolboys enclosure into the North Bank. I even used to sell programmes outside the stadium and most of my good friends back home are from meeting at Arsenal. And it goes like this.

No disrespect to Arsene Wenger. What he has achieved at Arsenal is legendary. But we are talking about 10 years ago and he is past his sell by date. He has to go because it is not working. We were sold a promise of moving out of Highbury, our home stadium, so that we could compete with the biggest clubs in Europe. And yet here we are in 2017, living in the Emirates Stadium, and being a top 4 finish club with some runs in the FA Cup. Watford knocked us out of the FA Cup quarter finals last season at Arsenal.

I have heard this 'be careful what you wish for' debate. And in the case of Man Utd it is true. But replacing Alex Ferguson was always going to be impossible so you cannot compare with that at all.

All us Arsenal fans want is to have a team that we know will be 'in it' towards the end of a season. We have had enough of March. April, and May being redundant. You can forget about winning the champions league for a while unless we get to the same level of Henry, Adams, Pires, Viera etc.

And I hear the radio show debates from Stoke fans and Nottingham Forest fans saying how they would swap with us anyday. But Stoke and Forest are symbols of failure. Past glories. Arsenal however are in a multi-million pound stadium with state of the art training facilities. We don't want to think like Stoke City fans so thats why we want Wenger to go.

Arsenal have had great squads over recent seasons so there is no excuse about our squad. A team with the likes of Sanchez, Czech, Bellerin, Koscielny, Ozil, Ramsey, Giroud, Welbeck, Mustafi. Wenger has failed.

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Good post TTD. Def some good rosters yet probably lacking a strong leader or 2 who galvanise the troops when things aren't going your way.

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Gold, I personally disagree a little with the 'lack of leaders' argument. Did Leicester have leaders last season? Only Wes Morgan really but nobody stood out. The players Arsenal have had over the past 5 or 6 seasons have been stand out in terms of ability and my argument is that it is the manager who has failed them.

Aaron Ramsey and Ozil are prime examples. Chris Coleman got Ramsey to be one of the players of the Euros yet Wenger does not. Ozil has won the World Cup and La Liga yet goes missing under Wenger.

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Perso i find ozil weak mentally. Does well with the manshaft because of guys like Lahm or schweinsteiger. Same at real (easier to perform when you're with the best).

By leaders i mean guys who have a never say die attitude. Leicester had kante, a bloke who gives 100% for 90min no matter what. He led by example. I think kosczielny is a good leader too but he needs help especially in the midfield. Anyway that's the way i see it, may be wrong.

In any case that's AW responsibility to find a couple of guys like that instead of talented dilettantes.

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Arsenals spending policy is the problem for them. You can get new manager but you're going to have to break your "no more than 100k a week" club rule. We live an era where "selfish" is the norm. Last season was a one-off where we saw all the big clubs lose more games than they normally would.

Arsenal is a cash cow for Stan K. Paying mediocre salaries, charging one of the most expensive season tickets BUT still getting top 4 finishes and CL football EVERY season. Low risk, High return for Stan K.

Wenger's future might depend on whether or not Stan K wants to roll the dice...

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