Beckham fails to make Britain's Olympic team


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Britain will do better without Beckham. For one thing ... he's past his prime at age 37. The under-23s should play much better as a team minus the attention-getting ex-superstar. Besides, they have an easy schedule in the first round, so they should advance easily ... even with a rather tough Uruguay team in the mix.

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Olympic football is a waste of time. I don't want to see any of my club's players getting injures before the season starts. Let the synchronized swimmers, walkers and people who enjoy throwing things enjoy themselves. Beckham is contracted to a club which he seems to take very lightly.

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I agree no place for senior players like Becks at the olympics.... plus golf , football and tennis have so many other more meaningful tournaments every other day.....they should not be in the Olympics at all. Mr. Beckham too busy posing anyway.....

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Past prime at 37? So says edojin above, but, you know, sometimes 30-somethings take the medal away from the teens or 20-somethings.

There were three spots for older players and they each went to someone; just not to Beckham.

According to Wikipedia's "Great Britain Olympic Football Team" page:

``The Great Britain squad has yet to be announced. Media sources, however, have revealed that the three over-aged players will be Micah Richards, Ryan Giggs and Craig Bellamy.''

Though Richards is only 24, Bellamy is 32 and Giggs is 38.

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People have seen enough of Becks. Good leadership involves knowing when to step aside and let others lead. Becks fails this test time and again. He portrays instincts similar to African dictators who mistake the country to be their property. The team is for England not Becks. He can still shine in the luxury industry.

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Regardless of his football prowess, his hair just didn't make the cut this time around. Back to the stylist Becks.

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His presence on the field would have been more symbolic than anything, as I think he's a wee bit past his prime. True, some people in their 30s play as well if not better than the younger lads, but due to Beckham's injuries in the past and his last time out on the field (for WC) I think we can safely say his best days are over. 'Tis a shame, but 'tis true. I'll miss Beckham on the field, but all good things must come to an end.

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The opening paragraph of this article calls David Beckham a "National hero". For what exactly? Having a Spice Girl wife?

Truth is Becks was never a brilliant footballer. Yes, he could put in a good cross and occasionaly fire home a set piece. But he couldn't tackle to save his life, only twice in his career actually passed a defender and was AWOL in defence when the opponents attacked. But he was married to a Spice Girl.

The thing I most admire DB for - and a lot of this was down to his marketing agent - was his ability to make millions (and he still does) based on brand Beckham rather than his footballing abilities.

Average+ footballer, cetainly not the sharpest knife in the draw, good looking, married to a Spice Girl.

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Instead they choose a bloke older than Becks - Giggsy - and a Welsh never-was - Bellamy. Tokenism at it's finest. Feel sorry for Becks after all the hard work he did for team GB on and off the pitch - and I'm not even a fan.

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