Beckham vows to bring MLS to Miami as new stadium plan faces opposition

By Leila MACOR

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I really hope he succeeds. I have really enjoyed getting into football since moving to Japan. The football fans are the best. Most of the games and events on the highest level are so fun to be at. Everyone painted up waving there teams colors and supporting there club and favorite players. America needs football. I think if more Americans open there minds and get into it and the whole football global culture. It could spur young boys and girls to aspire to the best footballer they can be. And maybe one day. America could win a world cup.

Americans can first learn the name of the game is not Soccer. It's football. In the same way “football” is the generic term for the dominant “football-derived sport” in that nation—there is no “right or wrong” to this—what is proper depends on which major sport (gridiron, assocation, rugby) is locally most dominant.

“Football” as a generic term means “gridiron football” to Americans (and a few other nations), so if you’re speaking with us Americans about “the beautiful game”, it is best to call it “soccer”. And when I travel to the UK, I always use “football” to mean “association football”. (Ironically, when I do this I frequently get puzzled stares as most British assume I must be referencing American gridiron football)

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They should consider other locations

Florida --and more specifically Miami-- can only support so many pro sports teams

Florida isn't really that big a supporter of pro sports teams

Florida actually already had not just 1 but 2 Major League Soccer teams before (including 1 in Miami) - and both folded within only 5 years due to lack of support

Let Orlando be the only Florida MLS team

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