Beijing says 2022 Winter Olympics on track despite pandemic


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The USA Congress just pass a bill banning all good and product coming out of Xji#$%## due to the on going genicide of the Urygar. To me the USA has shown it hand and will bar their Athletes from going the the 2022 winter Olympics. Once the USA announce this watch other countries follow suit.

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"There'll be heavy restrictions on all participants"

Just like there are for the unfortunate population of the country every day of their lives.

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God I hope Canada boycotts these CCP Olympics. China is out of control and boycotting these games will send the right message.

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You think the lead up to Tokyo has been a rollercoaster? Wait for part two! It’s gunna be a geopolitical dog fight.

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Fox News and guests were outraged that this summer's Olympics shouldn't go ahead because of the CCP's treatment of the Uyhgurs. They just shouldn't be sending US athletes to China this summer. Even former Trump enabler Mac-a-Ninny nodded in agreement.


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How about a big cheeseburger boycott, China to knock you off your track?

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To me the USA has shown it hand and will bar their Athletes from going the the 2022 winter Olympics

who in their right mind would want to go anyway? there is certainly a high risk of being kidnapped and detained by the chinese government on some bogus charge, being played as a pawn in what china views as a political ganging up on it by the international community.

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The summer Olympics hasn't started and China really expect the world to support them. My wish is that more countries come together as a sign of solidarity and show the world and especially China you either play by the rules or you are doomed!

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In Ancient Greece, where the Olympics went on for a thousand years, no one would ever have thought of boycotting the games. Even during wars, the games were held.

While we no longer hold the games during major conflicts, it is fitting that the games go on at all other times, if possible. The games are a celebration of humanity, not an endorsement of the host country's policies.

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Do not support genocide, boycott 2022 Beijing

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