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2008 Beijing Olympics vs. 2022: No lofty promises this time


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I'll certainly boycott this China virus games.

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“Right now the multiple U.S. failures create momentum for renewed nationalism and confidence in China,” Gallagher said by email. “This is made all the more effective by the Communist Party’s strict control over information, which can rain ‘positive energy’ down on what’s happening in China while only publicizing negative accounts of other countries, especially the U.S.”

Don't even really need to do any strict control, they could report on everything exactly as it is and it would have the same effect.

Minus the usual [unnecessary] potshots, the article is pretty much right. There doesn't need to be a massive spectacle this time because China has already proved itself. It's a lot less symbolic to say" hey guys, we are still doing really well!"

Not to mention the whole world pandemic thing kind of limits how much spectacle you can have. Or should have, for that matter.

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Yeah, they've proven themselves to be liars. Lost what little respect I had for the IOC for even considering this country after the slap in the face in 2008.

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Last time Georgia/Gruzia/have attacked overnight South Ossetia and Abkhazia.Crazy Mike Saakashvili is locked in jail in UA now,hope there is no other psycho like him who wants to start some new war again...

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tom dooley:

I'll certainly boycott this China virus games.

I don't think you're one of the athletes participating, are you? Even the USA has applied for a batch of diplomatic visas. Hypocrites.

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No kidding, it is the most toothless boycott I have ever seen.

"We are boycotting the Olympics for humanitarian concerns! We won't send any diplomats, but still sending athletes. Unrelated, but can our diplomats get visas to visit China at the same time as the Olympics too please?"

It is purely pandering that will sadly probably work with the portion of the public that was clamoring for a boycott.

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The first olympic games in my life that I will not be watching.

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