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Valieva makes history as Russians win team gold; U.S. takes silver; Japan bronze


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Congrats Team Japan on clinching the 3rd place or bronze medals. It's a great achievement.

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Kamila was amazing, never saw an athlete who outperform competitors by such a large margin. Despite one miss she scored far ahead from other competitors. Welldone.

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Amazing performance. I'm sure the pressure was insane for the 15 y/o Kamila but she managed to pull through and score wayyy above the competitors. Hope she keeps that energy for the individual round.

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It was amazing to see everyone perform, regardless of country. What I saw were performers giving their voices to a beautiful art form. Congratulations to everyone!

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Kamila will probably quit right after Olympics. You can see on her face the amount of pressure she's enduring.

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Great skating by Valieva, and the Russian, US, and Japanese teams

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Valieva's dance was fantastic! But her dress was eeewee. Wonder who designed that crap.

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@Seesaw7 the dress is not part of the scoring and what makes the individual perform

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Landing a quad is a lot more serious than it seems. It is crazy how high the bar has been set by these many skaters in the past 5 or so years. It never seizes to amaze me how far humanity has gone.

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Quad..meh. Show me a quinta and I might be impressed.

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became the first woman to land a quad in the Olympics

Really? Aged 15, she’s a schoolgirl, but not a woman. I always wonder, who sets the rules such to grab the maximum out of it. Next they will accept 10-years old children as ‘women‘, just to present 6 or 7 fold axel and lutz jumps or so?

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They cannot even. play their national anthem, they have use the Olympics flag banner

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The only question is whether they'll get away with doping. We all know all of them are doped to the gills by their government.

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The Russians and their 15 year old teenage girls always winning. What a shock or maybe not.

Russians have been playing this same card for decades now.

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Kamila - already the holder of many world records including her unbelievable combined score last year putting her in a category unreachable for the current crop of skaters.

Off the planet - Just outstanding.

Had to chuckle at NHKs news report on the skating last night.

Rightfully so they praised Sakamoto's great skating, coming in 2nd place, and replayed ad nauseum all her moves & jumps.

And finally they made a 10 sec comment about Kamila saying, ".....she did very well". Very Well - lol.

And followed with a 5 sec btw - "She became the 1st women to land a quad in competition". She landed 3!!!

Not much hope for nhk when they can't even go nuts over one of the greatest performances of all time.

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