beijing 2022 winter olympics

Athlete surveillance warnings cloud China's Winter Olympics

By Laurie Chen

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Chinese big brother is watching

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Well, since China and the IOC have said there's no problem, we just have to believe them, right?


The Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee told AFP that cyber-threat allegations "have zero evidence and concerns are totally unnecessary", adding that "relevant information is only used for the Olympic and Winter Olympic Games".

The International Olympic Committee has also dismissed the Citizen Lab claims, citing assessments from two unnamed cybersecurity organizations which "confirmed that there are no critical vulnerabilities".

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If China wants to burnish its international reputation, then stop attacking your own people. Viruses are another critical area to work on.

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successful, coronavirus-free Games that will burnish its international reputation.

CoVid -free Games? Forget it. And look at the latter part. Gotta make the CCP look good, huh? Foreign athletes are supposed to be guests, but guests are not meant to be treated like criminals. The CCP doesn't know the meaning of that word!

Oh yeah, cute mascots can't disguise the totalitarian terror that China keeps out of sight.

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yes and antichinese propaganda keep rolling.

how many negative stories about these winter olympics will you publish today?

average is some 3 a possible another two...going to get some chips now...

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People have put their names and credentials on the line criticizing the lack of security of the required app, on the other hand only nameless organizations have say differently/ At this point no actual expert have vouched for the safety of the whole system, this should indicate something.

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I agree but it is sadly probably better than than many other news outlets. At least we get a few people here who don't swallow the propaganda hook-line-and-sinker and can have some discussions about it.

This one probably just falls under the purview of "Whatever people accuse China of doing, they are actually doing thesmelves".. See the stories of US govt asking WhatsApp to monitor their citizens.

Honestly though, what do athletes expect to be doing that the government would even care about?

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If someone still needs to be told that China will eavesdrop on everything they do online while inside the great firewall that means this person don't have the capacity to protect himself, he will just be a victim the moment his plane arrives in China.

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Am guessing a China sweep of medals in all events ...after all the Olympics have always been a propaganda event ...anyone remember those East German female bobsledders?

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These Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics are an abomination.

What is the global community waiting for, cancel them!!!!

Athlete surveillance, threats of prosecution of any participant criticism.

The IOC is neglecting the principals that are sacrosanct in competitive sport!!!!

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SOLUTION: Do Not Attend.

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