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China demands U.S. halt Olympics 'interference'


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China are far too sensitive about other countries.

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China and it's usual inferiority complex

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The U.S. has said it will not send dignitaries to the Games, which begin on Feb 4, in a protest over China’s detention of more than 1 million Uyghur Muslims in the northwestern region of Xinjiang, along with crackdowns on human rights elsewhere in the country.

They said that they are doing that for the alleged detentions, but they are still sending diplomats to China at the exact same time as the games. They aren't actually doing much of anything except being loud.

The phone call follows the appointment of veteran diplomat Nicholas Burns as the new U.S. ambassador to China, a position that had remained empty for a year.

On one hand it is good that they finally filled this, unacceptable that probably the most important ambassador position stayed empty for so long, but Burns is still such a yikes choice.

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Don't see how not sending diplomats constitutes interference. China whining as usual. They wouldn't have any problem if they behaved like a normal civilized country.

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It can’t be denied that the so-called boycott is a bit of a fizzer, what with so few countries participating in it, which might make some people wonder why China would even bother responding to it. But then the CCP is ultra-sensitive to criticism, and won’t be forgetting or forgiving any time soon.

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China can shut this down by refusing all the diplomatic visas which Americans applied for. After all, didn't USA say they were going to implement a diplomatic boycott? Or are they showing both their usual faces?

Reminds of when the USA prevented China from joining the international space team, and now American groups are making applications to collaborate on the CHINESE space station!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gimme a friggin' break.

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Perhaps instead the US diplomats should use their position to highlight the human rights abuses and oppression being carried out in China by the CCP during coverage of the Genocide Olympics?

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The US has enough problems in their own country to deal with… they are on the brick of a civil war and a country so deeply divided will never recover. To top it all up the great Donald Trump is planning to run for presidency again in 2024 and then we all will witness something terrible when he loses again and refuses to accept his loss! America will be broken on that very day! China and Russia will be laughing at Americans soon!

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Why doesn't China wish for world peace, rainbows and ponies for everyone while they are at it?

The US isn't 'interfering' by NOT sending govt representatives. The people of the US want to see our athletes who go to Beijing do well and will cheer them on, but that's about the end of the, so-called, "interference". Nobody here is talking about these Olympics, except for how stolen skis impact someone going.

As for Taiwan, that country gets to choose who it creates ties with, not Beijing. It is up to the people there to decide. I'd say that Hong Kong and Tibet and Xinjiang should be allowed to choose whether they want Beijing rule or not too.

The heavy hands of CCP leadership over Xinjiang and Hong Kong have terrible optics. The CCP did this to themselves. All they needed to do was to leave those areas to self-govern as part of the agreed 1-country, 2-systems plan.

As for Russia - they won't be at the Olympics. There is still 2 more years of bans in place.

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Lots of Chinese official are psychological under pressure, they are insecure to say thing, unless it been approved by the government, in America you generally say anything, even if it foolishness

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