beijing 2022 winter olympics

China pursues gold in global image by hosting Olympics

By Dan Martin

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Good for them. The beijing games will not darken our TV screens in my house.

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"...illustrates the superiority of its top-down governing approach."

What country on this planet does NOT have a "top-down" governing approach other than what is based in fantasy? And what country does not beat its own drum and "pursues gold in global image"? Is there a point to this article other than snide criticism of China?

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Tokyo Tower is illuminated in red and with a display in Japanese, center, to celebrate the diplomatic relationship between Japan and China and the Beijing Olympics, in Tokyo, on Monday. The two projected Japanese characters read, "Future." 

Great, both countries must be closer and united, do not let the interventionism of the US destroy relations between Asian countries..

The world is changing and the US is losing its world hegemony more and more, the new power from the East is rising and whoever is with China will have a good FUTURE..

The rest will go straight to perdition if they continue behind the great world loser..

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Everything is Political. And, no one did anything to create a terrible reputation of China but China. The games are Political. Global Politics include the Olympics as they are in itself about the Politics of Peace.

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Where’s Peng Shuai?!

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China pursues gold in global image by hosting Olympics

for its rulers, hosting the Games has always been about far more than sport and the medal count."

Sounds pretty similar to Japan with Tokyo and now Sapporo clamoring to waste more of our tax money.

Where’s Peng Shuai?"

In her Beijing condo?

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Thank you, China. You've delighted us enough.

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China's global image is in tatters and is a complete joke. That will never improve while it governs the way it does.

it doesnt get more toxic than the CCP!

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The Olympics has absolutely nothing to do with genocide.

Political boycotting is a different type of game.

Lets see what the athletes are capable of .

The west has always sought to slow down China or any other country it feels threatened by .

It's pathetic !

And no iam not defending China.

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After the mess they created around the world with the coronavirus, I highly doubt a sporting event is going to impress people.

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China pursues gold in global image by hosting Olympics

riiiighht..........some little sports events should do that.

I guess we'll see it and all forget about the largest pandemic in the world for last century, that's still happening........

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Aside from politics, Olympic athletes themselves are giving a rave review of Beijing Olympic Athlete's village, especially compared to Tokyo.

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Of everything China is doing worldwide diplomatically, Olympics are probably not very high on the list of things that will sway public opinion.

The Belt and Road Initiative, all the outreach they are doing for more impoverished nations, or infrastructure projects like the train line to Laos, those are infinitely more impactful.

I can't imagine there are many people who aren't swayed by those who would be by a sporting event.

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Article taking cheap shot at China.

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China's global image is in tatters and is a complete joke. That will never improve while it governs the way it does.

it doesnt get more toxic than the CCP!

Can't say much about your own country. Minions to US. Shall I tell you how high to jump? We all know about ASPI and what it does in conjunction with NED.

It's funny how whenever China does what every other country does, they're made to feel ashamed by the western MSM.

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When China says anything positive, the true interpretation is negative. I can't trust anything that comes from that country as being normal!! Again everything about the country is make believe, if not those who left would stay. Those who can afford to leave do so and if Japan is not careful they will impose Chinese thinking as a way of life in Japan!!

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"They would be saying, 'We run very good Games,'" he added. "We could maybe run other things again in the future -- maybe a World Cup of soccer."

That would be the suckiest World Cup when fans of 31 other nations can't even access their social media. Half the fun of going to these games is to share the experience with friends back home

It's one thing when the Olympics is all in one city where foreign fans can be given full access in certain locations. It's another thing when the World Cup requires foreign fans to travel from city to city to city - not only they can't access their usual internet, but they'll also be tracked wherever they go and do

That would suck big time

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