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China restricts activists' social media ahead of Olympics

By Laurie CHEN

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What a coincidence! I'm not going to watch the beijing games!

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Where’s Peng Shuai?

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stormcrowToday  09:24 am JST

Where’s Peng Shuai?

From the article:

"being held under a form of secret detention commonly used against dissidents"

"People arrested for national security offenses in China can disappear for months at a time into incommunicado detention before authorities charge them or reveal their fate."

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No, that is in regards to Tang Jitian, the lawyer they mention in the article.

Though how somebody would know they are being held secretly is beyond me, but that is who the claim is about.

Peng Shuai is at home, as she has said.

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Only weak leaders are afraid of ideas being shared in public.

How is Winnie the Pooh doing these days? Seems he's been playing Whack-a-Mole on social media and is causing the Streisand Effect.

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Seems that China's mandated Olympics App has some serious security failures.

This app is mandated for all athletes, but ...

While the vendor did not respond to our security disclosure, we find that the app’s security deficits may not only violate Google’s Unwanted Software Policy and Apple’s App Store guidelines but also China’s own laws and national standards pertaining to privacy protection, providing potential avenues for future redress.

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