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Clap, don't chant: China aims for 'Zero COVID' Olympics


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Better yet Boycott the Genocide Olympics, even less chance of spreading Wuhan virus is no one goes!

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Tom DoleyToday  07:59 am JST

Already the second worst Olympics, first being Tokyo 2021.

As if you lived 100 years already

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Don't shout, don't cheer, don't talk, don't have fun. Just shut up and comply!

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Lackluster, problematic, scandal plagued, politically divisive...

It is sad that this has become the normal for olympic games, completely different from what they were supposed to represent all thanks to economic and political interests being the only priority.

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Athletes are already gluttons for punishment. To compete in an authoritarian regime is just downright stupid. The Tokyo Olympics were bad enough. These in Beijing will be even worse.

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Why would anyone even want to go? Just a waste of time.

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Already the second worst Olympics, first being Tokyo 2021.


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Xi the Pooh is gonna be sad when the whole thing flops.

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Already the second worst Olympics, first being Tokyo 2021.

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